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relocation services

Destination Rental Assistance

For transferring employees who prefer to rent, we offer comprehensive support through multiple providers and referrals.

This includes:

Mortgage Counseling

As a full-service relocation partner, Interstate offers mortgage counseling to guide employees through the difficult process of finding appropriate financing for their new homes. We provide:

Home Finding Assistance

Finding a new home can be an emotional and exhausting experience. Interstate helps relocating employees find the perfect home in their new area.

After an initial consultation with the employee, we develop a home finding strategy based on the employee's financial capabilities and specific housing needs and preferences. This information is then relayed to a hand-picked representative from our real estate broker network.

Global Assignment Services

If a new job assignment requires an international relocation, Interstate Relocation Services can manage the paperwork and research required to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience.

Destination Services

Interstate Relocation Services' relocation counselors take great care to understand the expectations of relocating employee. By conducting a detailed client assessment process, our counselors help transferring employees not only find the perfect home but also acclimate to a new area.